Speakers with dream jobs

Speakers make enormous impacts in the lives of millions of people around the world with powerful and inspirational messages every day.

What does it take to be a good public speaker?

Any public speaker will tell you that a speech is more than a set of spoken words. The greatest speeches are made of a combination of the language, articulation, the speaker, and the context. If these elements fail to work seamlessly, even the best speech can sound “meh.”

While most speakers have public speaking as their full-time job, some speakers have other jobs. The following is a list of speakers who have most of our childhood and adult dream jobs.

Darren McGrady

Darren McGrady is a chef, culinary consultant, author, and keynote speaker. In the past, Darren has worked as a chef for Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Prince of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry. He has also cooked for five US presidents.

Before moving to Buckingham Palace where he worked for 11 years, Darren trained at the Savoy Hotel. While working as a chef at the Buckingham Palace, he cooked daily for the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and their guests. Some of the guests that he cooked for at Buckingham include Foreign Heads of State; Ford, and Clinton.

Following the tragic accident involving Princess Diana, Darren moved back to the USA in 1998 where he has continued to have a fulfilling career. He has appeared in numerous TV shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN’s Larry King Show, and the Fox News Channel.

Today, Darren lives in Plano, Texas and is the proud owner of “eating royally,” a fine dining catering service. He is also the author of the book “eating royally” which has various seasonal recipes from Buckingham Palace. Darren is also a top speaker who appears at the following events: dinner parties, public speaking, book signing, cooking demonstration, and personally designed programs.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, producer, entrepreneur, activist, philanthropist, and speaker. Yes, he has all of your dream jobs! Kutcher was named one of the “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” twice on Forbes Magazine. He was also named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” on Time Magazine and he also earned himself a place on Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List in 2011 and 2012.

One of the most famous speeches by Ashton is his 2013 Teen Choice Awards Speech which went viral. The message on this speech was timely, personal yet universal, and it had an irresistible structure.

Shannon Miller

Shannon Lee Miller is one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts in American history, having won 16 World Championships and Olympic medals between 1991 and 1996. She is also the only female athlete who has been inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame, twice.

During her time as an athlete, Shannon won 46 National and 59 International competing medals. She is the 1993 and 1994 world all-round champion, the 1995 Pan American Games all-round champion, and the 1996 Olympic balance beam champion.

After retiring from Olympics, Shannon an undergraduate degree in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and a law degree from Boston College.

In February 2011, Shannon was diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer and she underwent three cycles of chemotherapy before getting a clean bill of health in September that same year. Shannon is now a health and wellness advocate who helps women make their health a priority through education and awareness.

Rorke Denver

Rorke T. Denver is an actor, author, and former United States Navy Seals commander. He is best known for his role as Lieutenant Rorke in the 2012 Fox Television series Act of Valor, which was based on a true story.

Denver has led special-force missions in the Middle East, Latin America, and other international hotspots. He has also run every phase of training for the US Navy Seals.  On February 19, 2013 Denver had his first book “Damn Few: Making the Modern Seal Warrior publish. He also had another book “Worth Dying For: A Navy Seal’s Call to a Nation,” which he worked on with Ellis Henican published on April 5, 2016.

Denver speaks for conventions and conferences countrywide. Some of this notable speeches include his keynote speech for the US Lacrosse Convention in December 2014 and his speech at the Alabama Trucking Association Convention in April 2018.

Being a speaker does not necessarily mean that you have to give up working in your dream industry or job. You can still juggle both and win while at it. Above is a list of some of the speakers with dream jobs. If you have been dreaming of becoming a speaker without giving up on your career, you can do it just like the people on this list. All you have to do is begin practicing to be a great speaker because as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, being an excellent speaker is much more than just delivering a set of spoken words.