The Most Popular TEDx Talks

TEDx talks is a great show that offers viewers valuable insights from all areas of life, including science. Watching this show can help you make better decisions, entertain you, teach you fascinating theories, and restore your hope for humanity. Here is a collection of the most popular TEDx talks.

Your body language may shape who you are

According to Amy Cuddy, a sociologist, your body language dramatically affects the perception of people towards you and how you see yourself. For instance standing in a posture of confidence, when you least feel confident can promote feelings of trust and can impact our chances for success.

How great leaders inspire action

This is an exploration by Simon sick about how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and transformation. His model of inspirational leadership is simple but very powerful and influential.

The power of vulnerability

Brene Brown is a vulnerability researcher who studies the ability of human beings to connect, empathize, love and belong. She shares fantastic insights from her research, precisely one that made her want to know herself and also to understand humanity. It is a talk worth sharing.

How to speak that people want to listen

Julian Treasure is a sound student and offers advice to businesses on how to utilize it. In this powerful talk, he demonstrates how to go about persuasive speaking. He also provides enlightenment about speaking with empathy bringing out a conversation that can turn the universe sound beautiful.

Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins is a life coach and an expert in leadership psychology. He shares about invisible forces that influence everyone’s actions. He has made it his business to learn why we do what we do. He has reached out to many people through His top-selling books and three-day seminar.

My stroke of insight

Jill Bolte Tylor watched her brain functions helplessly shut down one by one as a result of a massive stroke. She is a Neuroanatomist who studied the way she suffered a stroke, and now she speaks excellent volumes to many concerning brain recovery.

This will happen if you reply to spam emails

This is an insight inspired by James Veitch a comedian and writer. He shares a highly hilarious and engaging one-week long exchange with a spammer who promised him a hot deal. As far as he is concerned spam emails is a perfect way to have fun cheating scammers in their field.

Looks aren’t everything in a model

In her bold talks, Cameron Russell admits that she scooped the genetic lottery prize. She is stunningly beautiful but does not judge her by the looks. She has appeared in many magazines, is more than just a beautiful face, and admits that it takes much more than looks to make it in modelling. If you have been wondering how you can access TED talks, you can now view it on android. Are there any geographical restrictions to viewing the talks in your country? Use tools like VPN profiles Android, to bypass restrictions and watch these insightful talks.