TED 4: The NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy – Special Issue

Following TED4 which took place in 2011 in Vienna, NISPAcee published a special issue of its Journal of Public Administration and Policy on the theme that was developped during the meeting: “Law and Public Management: Revisited

The NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy Vol. IV, No. 2, Winter 2011/2012, Special Issue: Law and Public Management Revisited

Editor(s): Dacian Dragos, Marton Gellen, Polonca Kovac, Philip M. Langbroek

Date: 2011

ISBN: 78-80-89013-57-9

ISSN: 1337-9038

Publisher: NISPAcee Press

Price: 15 €

This Special Issue of the journal is the outcome of the 4th Trans European Dialogue (TED4), organized by the two sister organizations in public administration research – EGPA and NISPAcee. The TED4 focused on the connection between the legal and managerial rationales. The relation between those two different ways of thinking appears to be a challenge, especially in times of reform. Law with PA was much discussed during the times of early transition in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also a central theme in Western European countries, especially the continental ones, where the State of Law, the Rechtsstaat, of the Napoleonic states, has been employed in public-sector reforms for quite some time. A certain tension between lawyers, managers and policymakers remains. The resulting collection of studies tackling the theme of Law and Public Management contributes to bridging the gap between the two professions that are at the core of any modern public administration. As the debates during the TED4 have clearly suggested, the success of reform in public administration depends on the cooperation between lawyers and managers, an on-going preoccupation for governments in both Western and Eastern Europe.

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