Wrapping-up TED7 and Announcing TED8


2014: 7th TED – Cluj, Romania – 6-7 February 2014

The 7th TED took place in Cluj, Romania on 6-7 February 2014

The 7th Trans-European Dialogue focused on issues of strengthening the link between the local governments and the communities they represent, govern and serve.  Though local government is differently perceived in different European countries/administrative systems, there seems to be a disconnection between citizens who no longer feel part of only one community but rather to a variety of localities/territorial units with which they have functional relations. In this context, the topic is very important for all EU States: The capacity of local governments to connect with the community, to put together viable strategies for local development and to integrate within the (supposed) European common framework as a key factor for the development of public administration and democracy within Europe.

Participants also discussed the role and function of the relationship local governments establish with communities within an era of global governance and addressed specific challenges given the framework of representative democracy.

2015: 8th TED – Milan, Italy – first week of February 2015

The 8th TransEuropean Dialogue will be organised in Milan at the Bocconi Universty, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management during the first week of February 2015 (dates to be fixed).

The theme of TED 8 will be: “Performance Management and its challenges in contemporary public administration”.

Announcing TED7 in Cluj-Napoca

Announcing TED7 in Cluj-Napoca

The 7th Trans-European Dialogue will be hel on the 6-7  February 2014 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The discussed theme will be: Strong Local […]