TED 8: Resume


2015: 8th TED – Milan – Italy – 5-6 February 2015

The 8th TED took place in Milan at the Bocconi University on 5-6 February 2015.

The 8th Trans-European Dialogue focused on the main theme: Towards Meaningful Measurement: Performance Management at the Crossroads of internal efficiency and social impacts.

Participants presented their contributions and discussed the different issues related to Performance Measurement during several sessions on: Professionals and professional services; Performance, politicians and executives, Learning from indicators, Learning or accountability; Tools for learning in performance management.

A round table was also organised on the theme: Europe East and West, North and South.

We would like to warmly thank the local organisers for hosting this stimulating 8th TED in Milan.

We are also pleased to announce that the TED 9 will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 4-5 February 2016 on the theme: Transparency, Openness and Ethics in Public Administration: Do they support each other?

For more information, please consult the TED Platform at: www.ted-dialogues.org