TED5: Technical information

Technical information for the participants of TED5: „The politics of agency governance”, Budapest, 1-3 February 2012

The Trans-European Dialogue (TED) is an annual scholarly conference organized jointly by the two key professional associations of Public Administration in Europe, the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) and the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee). It is a high-level, focused conference on a timely topic in Public Administration (PA) that will profit from bringing together senior experts from different regions, thereby facilitating interchange and discussion across Europe and even including Central Asia and the Caucasus, which also belongs to NISPAcee’s area.

TED has been firmly established as a joint EGPA-NISPAcee event in the “Tallinn Declaration” of the two organizations in February 2008. Since then four TEDs were organized (for more information on these events see http://ted-dialogues.bees-solution.com/ted-dialogues/).


Schedule / to-do’s for the remaining time

The following contributions are foreseen from the participants and the organizers:


Who does what

9 January 2012

We ask those participants whoa)      neither have submitted any paper abstract

b)      nor have yet submitted any “short propositions”

to submit a set of so-called “brief propositions”. The task was defined in the Call for Applications as follows:

“One or two brief (100-300 words long) propositions related to the key conference themes, along with an explanation of how the propositions reflect their own re-search interests and activities.”

15 January 2012

We ask those participants whose paper abstract was accepted to submit their paper by this date.

23 January 2012

The Organizing Committee / the moderators will assign the propositions to the appropriate session corresponding their topicThe propositions, the papers and the finalized programme of TED5 will be distributed among the participants


Content and format of the TED5 event

The core function of TED5 – following TED traditions-is to create dialogue around the following four subtopics:

–          Session 1: Opening session. Agencies in Hungary

–          Session 2: Influence of agencies on policy making

–          Session 3: Political inference/influence on agencies

–          Session 4: Politicization and political appointments within agencies

Each session is divided into two parts:

Part (A): First presentations will be given by a selected set of participants as outlined in the draft programme. These presenters mostly consist of those who submitted a paper proposal and their paper / research fits into the given session. This part concludes with some reflections and/or questions by the moderator and the discussant, the aim of which is to provoke and guide further discussions.

Part (B): Subsequently, an open, round-table discussion will follow, which will be structured and guided by the moderator of the session. Participants not having presented in the first part are encouraged to actively contribute to this second part, based on their proposition / research.

We call the attention of those presenting in the first, Part (A) of the sessions that – unlike the traditional conference presentation format where a shortened version of the paper is provided – we expect the oral contributions to reflect to the main topic of the session, based on the findings and conclusions established in the paper. Furthermore, we encourage the presenters to share with the other participants their questions, dilemmas, hypotheses related to the session topic.