TED 10 – Conference Co-chairs

EGPA Co-chair

Prof Dr Karen JOHNSTON

Professor of Organisational Studies

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth Business School

Organisational Studies & Human Resources

Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE

Email: karen.johnston@port.ac.uk

Karen Johnston has extensive academic and research experience having worked in leading universities in South Africa, USA and UK. In addition to her academic career, she has worked with and for public sector and civil society organisations to improve public service delivery. She has also worked for a donor organisation to promote democratic development and service delivery on an international scale. Professor Johnston has a strong research publication record in the areas of public sector management and leadership, public-private-voluntary sector governance, and gender equality. She has led and been involved in numerous research projects in these research areas. Professor Johnston was the editor for the journal Public Policy and Administration and now serves on a number of editorial boardsShe also holds executive positions on boards of the International Research Society for Public Management and the European Group for Public Administration. 

LINK: http://www.port.ac.uk/organisation-studies-and-human-resource-management/staff/professor-karen-johnston.html


NISPAcee Co-Chair

Prof Dr György HAJNAL

Head of Department, Department of Public Policy and Management

Director, Institute of Economic and Public Policy

Fővám tér 8 (Main Building), 1093 Budapest, II. / E275

E-mail: gyorgy.hajnal@uni-corvinus.hu; gyorgy.hajnal01@gmail.com


György Hajnal is Full Professor and Head of Department, Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Public Policy and Management and Director, Institute of Economic and Public Policy.

He is Research Chair of Public Policy and Governance, Institute for Political Science, Centre for Social Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IPS CSR HAS)

LINK: http://kozpol.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?page=tartalom&id=61&menu=10&lang=en