TED 10 : Submission & registration


TED 10 is a focused, Conference. Rather than formally presenting all attendees’ papers the format centres around intense dialogue and discussions between the participants.

The discussions will be structured into four thematic sessions, each of which starting with presentations by speakers from EGPA and NISPAcee followed by participants’ oral contributions reflecting on the key elements of their research.

We ask each invitee or participant to develop and submit:

  1. One or two brief(s) (100-300 words long) propositions related to the key conference themes, along with an explanation of how the propositions reflect their own research interests and activities. These propositions will be the basis of a brief presentation at the TED 10 event.
  2. A proposal (abstract) of a (full) paper to be briefly presented during TED 10 underlining key arguments for the discussions of one TED topic.
  3. Submit both a brief and a proposal of a (full) paper.

Proposals can also be sent to: Dr Fabienne Maron : f.maron@iias-iisa.org


  • Deadlines for final contributions (briefs/papers) : 8 January 2018.


  • Registration Fee
    Participation to scientific activities (welcome reception and conference dinner): 200 €
  • Accompanying persons (social programme only): 95 € 

Registration is now open ! 

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